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Are you a teacher who is feeling more and more responsibility for mental health?


Would you like to have the information to recognise when a child is in need of more support?


Are you seeing young people who need help with their mental health but are falling through the gaps?


Have you seen an increase in anxiety or low mood in your pupils?


Is mental health impacting your ability to deliver learning to all?


Would you like to know the right things to do to help ALL pupils to be mentally healthy?


Hi, we're Claire and Rachael.

Together, we are Dragonfly: Impact Education. We champion the belief that emotional wellbeing is just as important as physical health.

Our mission is to help children and young people fulfil their potential. 

We'd like to personally invite you to our 'First Aid for Mental Health - Staff Supporting Learners' course

The full course is available online with an optional call available to introduce you to the training. 


First Aid for Mental Health - Staff Supporting Learners

'First Aid for Mental Health - Staff Supporting Learners' focuses on how staff in schools can best support the mental health and wellbeing of the children in their care. 

We take the best parts of our First Aid course and discuss the issues as they relate specifically to the context of education and how they impact upon learning and achievement. Delivered by experienced teachers with an on-the-ground understanding of the difficulties faced within schools, this will be a day which blends new learning with useful, school-based examples of practice that could be applied within your own context.

 We also have a version of this course designed specifically with ASD children in mind - please let us know if this would be better suited to your context.

Increased engagement and progress of pupils who struggle with their emotional wellbeing

Improved behaviour and attendance of the most vulnerable

Happier staff who are more confident to support a range of mental health concerns

On this course, you'll gain:

  • Greater insight into the factors affecting the mental health of children and young people

  • A clearer understanding of what ACEs are and their impact

  • More information and ideas about how to support the mental health and well being of children and young people

  • An opportunity to think strategically about whole school culture and discuss examples of best practice from the UK


This course is for you if you are:

A teacher

A teaching assistant

A head teacher or senior leader

A Wellbeing Lead

A Designated Safeguarding Officer


A trainee teacher

A mentor or in a pastoral role

A school nurse

A school counsellor

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“I thought the whole course was fab – especially Claire & Rachael – really knowledgeable”


We founded Dragonfly to realise our passion for supporting schools nationwide in equipping the whole person for success both in and beyond the classroom.

We do this by empowering them with knowledge and strategies to spot the signs of mental ill health whilst promoting a positive mental health culture.

As classroom teachers (for a combined 35+ years!), we are superbly placed to offer practical ways of incorporating new knowledge about mental health into schools. Qualified coaches and First Aid for Mental Health instructors, we also hold Advanced Skills Teacher status and a Master’s Degree in Education – Leadership and Management. In addition, we are qualified in school counselling and creative therapy.

We'd love to see you soon, Claire and Rachael x


Frequently Asked Questions

The course is a distance learning course and will be delivered via Zoom meetings and our online learning platform. Ideally candidates will be able to attend one of the live sessions at least to fulfil the course requirements.

Yes, we can offer a 15% discount for bookings of five or more. We will adjust this automatically on your invoice or credit card payment request. 

The course focuses on all school aged children and young people. We provide a range of information and strategies that you can choose to adapt to your individual context. We support you with this in the final 1:1 call.


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