Lockdown Learning

(a talk for parents & carers)

All The Tools Parents Need To Successfully Support Their Children's Learning

This hour long talk can be offered online and will give the information, advice and reassurance that all parents need right now. Focusing on mental health, what learning is and how to motivate and engage their children, whilst at the same time juggling their own responsibilities. 

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This talk will equip parents and carers with:

  •  Information about mental health: what it is, what affects it and how we can look after our mental health.
  •  Confidence to effectively support their child by explaining: the difference between home learning and home schooling, how learning happens and how parents can best support home learning.
  • An understanding of how you 'get motivated' and how you can stay motivated.
  •  Practical ideas for helping them to motivate their children and keep them motivated!

Our talk to Rothersthorpe CE Primary School:

"It was absolutely amazing! A brilliant session - great content and lovely people."

Our Talk to St Michael's CE Primary School:

"It was excellent - really useful and well presented. We have really found some of the strategies helpful at home."

Offering Expert Support to Your Parents & Carers:

  • Over 35 years' experience as teachers.
  • Advanced Skills Teacher Status.
  • MEd in Leadership and Management.
  • Experience of chairing a governing board. 
  • 2019 Finalists in TCA International Coaching Awards for Coaching In Education.
  • First Aid for Mental Health Instructors.
  • Qualifications in School Counselling and Creative Therapy.
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Key benefits from this talk:

Support to ensure the wellbeing of your school community.

Reassurance for parents who are struggling with a unique set of circumstances.

Children who are well supported and encouraged to continue their learning.

The opportunity for parents to ask their own questions at the end of the talk and have their specific issues addressed.

We will work with you to find the day and time that suits your community best...and even offer a catch up session for those unable to make it.

All the ideas talked through in the talk can be supported by resources we're happy to send you to share with your parents.


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With some year groups possibly returning next half term, and some set not to return until September, parents are facing many more weeks of trying to support home learning. For many, this is an overwhelming prospect. We're here to help by blending our unique set of knowledge and skills to offer clear guidance for parents.


For just £320 we can offer you a personal service and adapt our talk to the specific needs of your context. Check out the feedback from our most recent talk below.

Claire & Rachael x

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