Is supporting staff and student wellbeing a priority for your school?


Are you looking to embed a positive mental health culture across your school?


Do you want to empower staff to be proactive when it comes to supporting mental health and wellbeing?


We can provide you with this support, and more, through our tailored inset.


Bespoke Inset - Designed Specifically for Your Context 


Whether you're looking for delivery of one our existing training programmes to a larger group, or your whole staff, or you want something more bespoke, we will design your inset in consultation with you, with your context at the heart of the training.

We've all been for Inset, or on a course, which was amazing at the time...but honestly made no impact on our practice, the school, or the pupils. That's why, when we design our Inset content, we do so in close consultation with school staff - from Teaching Assistants, to ECTs, experienced staff and Curriculum Leads, through to SLT. We take into account the unique complexities of your context to make sure that our training makes a difference - not just for a day, but for the long term.

As experienced teachers ourselves, we know the importance of having space during the day to embed learning into plans - for the day, week, and term ahead. We not only provide research, information, and national guidance around mental health and wellbeing in schools, we also provide the practical links between the theory and the classroom. Ultimately, any knowledge needs to be applicable and embedded in the day to day interactions that happen in the classrooms and throughout the school.

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1 Hour Session


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Is supporting staff and student wellbeing a priority for your school?

We've heard the term 'unprecedented times' perhaps too many times over the last few years. The reality of the situation though is that there has been a lot of change (which is often a trigger for difficulties), a lot of bereavement, a lot of isolation, loneliness, and for many,  hugely increased workload with new pressures. It's no wonder, then, that for many schools looking after the mental health and wellbeing of staff and students is now front and centre as new school priorities are being decided.


Are you looking to embed a positive mental health culture across your school?

Supporting mental health is, of course, so much more than dealing with incidences of mental ill health in a professional and compassionate way. It is also about fostering a culture which proactively supports good mental health for all via embedded systems, both formal and informal, that make up the culture of the school.


Are you keen for staff to know how to look after their own mental health?

Just as with physical health, there are things we can do to try and remain mentally healthy. We offer information about evidence based self-care using the same 'ways to wellbeing' adopted by the NHS and Mind. As experienced teachers, we approach the recommendations with a full understanding of the workload and time pressures faced by school staff.


Do you want to empower staff to proactively look after the wellbeing of colleagues and pupils?

A multitude of factors can impact a person's mental health, so even with a positive mental health culture, and staff and students who know how to look after their health, sometimes people struggle. Knowing how to recognise the signs that someone may be unwell and - crucially - knowing how to begin a conversation and offer non-judgemental support gives staff the confidence to act on small concerns before they become larger concerns.


Is safeguarding the mental health of pupils to enable them to thrive high on your agenda?

There are often overlaps between mental health concerns and safeguarding concerns, and there are many reasons for this. For example, trauma leads to increased risk of developing mental health conditions, having a mental health condition can increase the risk of self harm or suicide, or having an untreated mental health condition can lead to distress that can lead to a failure to thrive. For these reasons, proactively supporting the mental heath of students is a part of effective safeguarding procedures in schools.

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What people have said about working with us - 


"Thanks again for the course - hands down best CPD I've ever done!"
Noel Chambers – Hebburn Comprehensive School, Tyne and Wear


"I really enjoyed working with Rachael and Claire.  Even though the course was remotely delivered they both were approachable, warm and easy to talk to."
Kathryn Jobling - Lobley Hill Primary School, Tyne and Wear


"Claire and Rachael were both incredibly sensitive, flexible, supportive and knowledgeable. Both were so engaging throughout and they really couldn't offer more for their learners. The online platform was very useful! This gave more flexibility and opportunity for catch ups when needed. An excellent idea if you have missed out on anything or need to look again."
Sophie Howarth – Blyth School, Nottingham
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