A comprehensive audit

  1. Personalised to your school.
  2. Offering you a detailed (but succinct) report on the strengths and areas for development in your whole school approach to mental health.
  3. Designed to pack a punch but without being overwhelming in terms of detail and required actions.


As teachers with the best part of 40 years of experience in education between us, we know that you need clear information, in an easy to digest format, with actions that are straightforward to implement. That's what we offer in our audit report. And, we'll be on hand for any follow up questions or to support you further should you need it.

We're aware that audits can often be very stressful, very costly...or both! Our aim is to make this stress-free at an affordable price - just £225.

The process is simple and automated - simply select the statements that best describe your school and we'll do the rest. 


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