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We've had a phenomenal year with our 200+ Connect members, and we'd like to invite you to join us for the next one!

It's been a joy to connect a network of likeminded professionals nationwide, facilitating collaboration and the sharing of what works when supporting mental health and wellbeing in educational settings. The new and updated version of Connect has been streamlined and refined based on the feedback from our fabulous members this year and we can't wait to show you what we have in store for the coming months:


A regular membership update with the important information you need to stay on top of things


Expert training to help you support the mental health of your community and the chance to network with like-minded colleagues


 A termly resource pack to help you promote a positive mental health culture


...And because we firmly believe that collaboration and teamwork is the key to culture change, all of the above applies for 10 members of staff for each membership purchased!


Do you recognise yourself in any of these scenarios?

You're a teacher who knows that wellbeing and learning go hand-in-hand, but working out how to piece them together seems overwhelming. You'd love some real life examples and practical advice.

You know a child or teen who is struggling and you want to do more, but you don't want to make things worse. You'd love some regular professional advice without it costing an arm and a leg.

You have lots of experience with young people, but times are changing and you want to discuss ideas in a safe space

You know that you can never know everything, but you love learning and welcome any chance to increase your knowledge and insight. 

You're passionate about wellbeing for all and have a lot to offer. You'd love to be part of a nationwide network of likeminded people to share ideas.

You (and the young people in your life) would benefit from having Claire and Rachael in your corner. 


If any of the above rings true, you'll be pleasantly surprised to see that all of these amazing benefits are jam-packed into our membership 

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Getting Support That Makes a Difference...

...Is as easy as 1-2-3. We know staff are busy and don't have time to navigate hundreds of resources regularly. That's why what we offer is streamlined, impactful and designed to make a difference in a way that doesn't feel overwhelming.

Your Updates

We'll regularly send you  emails summarising the latest research and developments around mental health, offering you insights into how we can best support our communities through challenges. We'll give you the lowdown on government policies, case studies and what's being reported in the media about mental health and wellbeing in education. In addition to receiving this straight to your inbox, we'll also keep these updates in a library on your membership platform - so they're there, online, all in one place whenever you need to access the information.

Training & Networking

Usually, a training session with us would cost at least £129. As a part of your membership, we're offering SIX training and networking sessions throughout the year all included in the membership price. You'll be able to vote for your training preference and each session will focus on wellbeing and supporting good mental health in schools - for staff and for pupils. We'll balance our evidence based input with the opportunity to discuss issues with colleagues from other schools and colleges nationwide - giving you access to a vast array of expertise. All sessions are online and after the school day for your convenience.

Support Packs

We have a wealth of resources available to help you promote a positive mental health culture, break down stigma around mental health, and support the mental health and wellbeing of staff, pupils, and families. Having said that, we know how busy things get once the term is underway, which is why we'll email you a ready to use pack of materials each term. These will also be stored on the membership platform for you to dip into, refer back to, or download at your convenience - so you never have to worry about searching back through your emails to find what you need!

Hello, we're Claire and Rachael.

Parents, Coaches, Advanced Skills Teachers, First Aid for Mental Health instructors, Safeguarding instructors... and Co-Founders of Dragonfly: Impact Education. Our mission: to give leaders the expertise to build schools where good mental health is the foundation for all success.

We're over the moon to share with you our exciting news about Dragonfly Connect. We've combined all of the best bits of Dragonfly Impact into one community to help you support the young people who mean the world to you. 

This is a unique membership and one of the best ways we can share our 35+ years of experience and know-how with as many schools - and as a result, families -  as possible.

Just as importantly - this is the best way we can create a community who can spark off each other and support each other in equal measure. It's how we can keep in touch with and support all the delegates we've trained and all the young people, parents and teachers we've supported. 

Some of what we share will be knowledge from our Masters in Education, our Masters in Character Education, or our diplomas in coaching, creative therapy and school counselling. Some will be from our perspective as Fellows of the Chartered College of Teaching.

But much of what we share will be our own experience - what we've learned in the classroom, by being Advanced Skills Teachers, through our 1:1 coaching and mentoring, or whilst parenting our own children.

About Dragonfly Impact:

Teacher-friends who worked together in a Derby school for many years, Claire and Rachael have a combined 35+ years of classroom experience. Between them, they have AST status, are Fellows of the Chartered College of Teaching, have chaired a school governing board, hold a Master's degree in Education: Leadership and Management, and are currently studying for a Master's degree in Character Education.

They are completely committed to education and passionately believe that wellbeing has a huge impact on academic achievement and progress, as well as a person's ability to flourish and reach their full potential. Being parents themselves, they were prompted to found ‘Dragonfly: Impact Education’ in 2018 after witnessing the struggles of some children and parents. They spent time developing skills to complement their experience, achieving a diploma in personal development coaching and qualifications in School Counselling and Creative Therapy, all to distinction level, and in 2019, they were finalists in the Coaching Academy International Awards for their contribution to coaching in education. They are qualified First Aid for Mental Health Instructors, qualified Level 3 Safeguarding Instructors, and are accredited CPD providers.

Their unique blend of on the ground experience and understanding of how to help people be their best makes Claire and Rachael perfectly placed to support parents, schools and young people. 

Our Values:

Courage: We have the courage to respectfully speak out for those who can’t. And we know that courage can unlock potential in young people and those who nurture them.

Integrity: We try to do the right thing by everybody we come into contact with, both in our professional and personal lives.

Compassion: We strive to understand people, to be kind, and to help others without judgement. We also recognise the strong link between self-compassion and mental wellbeing.

Equality: We unequivocally believe that people should be treated equally and with respect, regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, education, socio-economic status, and mental or physical health.

Belief: We genuinely believe in the power of the right education to nurture healthy minds – so that young people can successfully navigate through 21st century life.


Apply to Join Now - £185 for 12 Months

This membership is for you if you:

  • Are committed to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of the people in your school community
  • Believe that health and wellbeing can have a huge impact on progress and achievement
  • Need easy to access and readily available input and resources that don't feel overwhelming
  • Want high quality training included as part of the membership price
  • Want to help break down the stigma around mental health and create a positive culture 

Our Approach

Our Vision: we envision schools at the heart of communities with the confidence to nurture young minds.  

Professional Wellbeing

Helping staff in educational settings to sustain their own mental health and that of their colleagues to benefit everyone in their care.

Safe Foundations

Helping vulnerable young people to thrive from a place of safety, through the people they turn to.

Character & Culture

Helping to develop a coaching culture in education, that promotes positive mental health, so that young people can thrive.

Well Young Minds

Helping to shape a new generation of healthy young minds by empowering the educational staff that support them.

This sounds perfect for me!

Yes please, sign me up for learning, resources and collaboration to help me create a positive mental health culture and support wellbeing both across the school community and within my own classroom.

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What people have said about working with us - 


"Rachael and Claire radiate positivity - they approach the most challenging behaviour in the classroom with genuine care and acceptance. I've seen them turn around students who have a reputation of being appallingly difficult, by helping them to realise their potential through patience, persistence and encouragement. I've seen the most reluctant teenagers looking forward to working with either of them. Rachael and Claire change 'I can't' or 'I won't' into 'I can' and 'I will'."

Lynn Jenks, Teaching Assistant


"Claire and Rachael were both incredibly sensitive, flexible, supportive and knowledgeable. Both were so engaging throughout and they really couldn't offer more for their learners. The online platform was very useful! This gave more flexibility and opportunity for catch ups when needed. An excellent idea if you have missed out on anything or need to look again."

Sophie Howarth – Blyth School, Nottingham

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